Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission is responsible for:

  • Studying problems relating to all relationships in the community
  • Establishing and maintaining educational programs in the community 
  • Fostering equality and understanding among everyone in the community
  • Assisting in communication among various human relations agencies
  • Monitoring complaints received by local law enforcement agencies


  • 11 members appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Council
  • 1 full-time SIU student


  • 3 members - 1 year term (one of which is the student appointment)
  • 4 members - 2 year term
  • 4 members - 3 year term
  • 2/3 of all members must reside within city limits or 1 1/2 miles of city limits

Members of the Human Relations Commission are:

Jerrold Hennrich (Chair)
Courtney Beverly (Human Resources Clerk)
Dr. Joseph Brown 

Karriem Shariati 

Stephanie Brown

Dora Weaver
Ted Guiterez 

Joshua Bowers 

Vacancy - 4


Small groups, called Study Circles, address issues of relevance to improving human relations in Carbondale. The following link provides access to the these groups:


Carbondale Conversations for Community Action - Study Circles



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