Building Board of Appeals

The Board shall hear appeals from any person aggrieved by an administrative decision made by a City official or employee, which was based upon a housing or building code, ordinance, rule, regulation or statute adopted pursuant to Title 4 of the Carbondale Revised Code. The Building Board of Appeals shall continually review the provisions of the building and housing code and shall from time to time, in an advisory capacity, make recommendations to the City Council on issues or matters relating to the Carbondale Revised Code provisions which pertain to building and housing code matters, their administration and enforcement. The Board may seek the advice and counsel of a representative from the individuals with knowledge or expertise in areas of concern, including but not limited to the Jackson County Health Department, or in the alternative, a licensed physician, on matters pertaining to the public health.

Composition: Five (5) members who shall be appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Council. Members shall serve for three (3) year terms or until a successor has been appointed. Members shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older, shall reside within the city limits of Carbondale, Illinois and shall have knowledge or expertise in the housing or building profession. The Mayor appoints the Chair. (CRC 4-14-1, 4-14-2)

Members of the Building Board of Appeals are:

 Carlton Smith (Chair)
 Brian Gorecki
 Kenneth Robinson
 Pam Schilling

 Jeff Woodruff




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