Recycling of Electronic Devices

Maintenance and Environmental Services Division

On January 1, 2012, a new state law prohibiting electronic devices from entering landfills went into effect. The law also prohibits City refuse collectors from knowingly accepting these items in the refuse stream.  Residents are encouraged to take electronics to the Jackson County Health Department’s drop-off facility at Southern Recycling Center. The City will continue to abide by this law by providing informational flyers in the community and on the website for special collection dates for the community to dispose of electronic devises

The electronic items banned include the following:

  • Televisions Facsimile (Fax) Machines
  • Computer Monitors Video Recorders (VCRs)
  • Computer Towers Digital Video Disc (DVD) Players & Recorders
  • Laptop Computers Printers
  • Keyboards and Electronic Mice Scanners
  • Small Scale Servers Video Game Consoles
  • Digital Converter Boxes Cable Receivers
  • or call the City’s Maintenance and Environmental Services Office at 457-3275.


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