Fire Investigations Unit

Firefighter/Fire Investigator Jay Crippen and other Fire Investigators work to determine the origin and cause of fires to help save lives and property. Firefighter Crippen uses a very special tool to help him investigate fires, his name is Pal (pictured left). Pal is a yellow Goldador, which is a combination of a Labrador and Golden Retriever. Pal and Firefighter Crippen went through a lot of training in Maine and continue to train everyday as a team to sniff fires for accelerants. All of this training ensures that Pal is very good at his job. He uses his nose to sniff out ignitable liquids, such as gasoline, that were used in a fire to damage property or hurt someone. Pal tells Firegighter Crippen where the ignitable liquid is by sitting down so he and other investigators can collect evidence and bring the people to court.


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