City Council Meeting

City of Carbondale
Local Liquor Control Commission
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
6:15 p.m.
Room 103
City Hall / Civic Center
Carbondale, Illinois

The Entire Local Liquor Control Commision Agenda is available in (pdf format)

The Entire Audio Recording of the Local Liquor Control Commission is available in MP3 or WMA formats.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Appeal of Order in Local Liquor Control Commision Case No. 2011-01, Goose Creek, Ltd. D/b/a/ Gatsby's II Bar and Billards
  3. Adjournment
    Audio Recordings for Items 1-3
      11.1meg    2.7meg 


City of Carbondale
City Council Meeting
Tuesday, April 19, 2011
7:00 p.m.
City Council Chambers
City Hall / Civic Center
200 South Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, Illinois

The Entire City Council Agenda is available in (pdf format).

The Entire Audio Recording of the City Council Meeting is available in MP3 or WMA formats.


  1. Roll Call
  2. General Announcements and Proclamations
    Audio Recordings for Item 1-2
      5.9meg   1.4meg 
  3. Citizens' Comments and Questions
    Audio Recordings for Item 3
      8.0meg    1.8meg 
  4. Public Hearings and Special Reports
    1. Swearing In Ceremony – Carbondale Fire Personnel
    Audio Recordings for Item 4.1
      2.8meg    650k 
    2. Public Hearing on an Annexation Agreement With Virginia Franklin for Property Located on Dogwood Road
    Audio Recordings for Item 4.2
      3.0meg    700k 
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting and Public Hearing Held on March 29, 2011
    2. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 03/21/11 FY 2011 Warrant # 1119
    3. Acceptance of Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees
    4. Resolution Relating to Participation by Elected Officials in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
    5. Ordinance Amending Title Three (3) of the Carbondale Revised Code as it Relates to Animal Care
    6. Resolution Accepting a HOME Homebuyer Grant From the Illinois Housing Development Authority and Authorizing the Execution of Grant Documents
    7. Ordinance Authorizing the Execution of an Annexation Agreement Between the City and Virginia Franklin and an Ordinance Approving the Annexation of the Property Located on Dogwood Road
    8. Resolution Approving the Subdivision and Subdivision Agreement for the Prairie Villas Subdivision
    9. Ordinance Approving Rolf Schilling’s Request to Rezone a 1.7 Acre Parcel Located at 2760 W. Chautauqua Street From AG, General Agriculture to R-1-15D Low Density Residential Two-Unit Dwelling
    10. Resolution Proclaiming Results of the April 5, 2011 Municipal Election
    11. Award of Contract for Design and Installation of an HVAC System for the Attucks School Property Located at 410 East Main Street
    12. Appointments and Reappointment to Boards and Commissions
    13. Resolution Approving a Preliminary BPL Development Plan for The Landings at Reed Station Crossing
    Audio Recordings for Items 5.1,5.2,5.3,5.8,5.9,5.10,5.12


    Audio Recordings for Item 5.4
      6.6meg    1.5meg 
    Audio Recordings for Item 5.5
      7.3meg    1.7meg 
    Audio Recordings for Item 5.6
      5.1meg    1.8meg 
    Audio Recordings for Item 5.7
      13.7meg    3.2meg 
    Audio Recordings for Item 5.11
      8.2meg    1.9meg 
    Audio Recordings for Item 5.13
      6.1meg    1.4meg 
  6. General Business
    1. Resolution Commending Finance Director Ernest Tessone for Service to the City of Carbondale
    Audio Recordings for Item 6.1
      21.1meg    4.5meg 
    2. Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Contracts With Community Organizations
    Audio Recordings for Item 6.2
      95.2meg    21.5meg 
    3. Ordinance Approving the FY 2012 City of Carbondale Budget, a Resolution Approving the Five Year Community Investment Program and an Ordinance Approving the Carbondale Public Library Budget
    Audio Recordings for Item 6.3
      4.2meg    990k 
    4. Ordinance Adopting the Pay Plan for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees for FY 2012
    Audio Recordings for Item 6.4
      1.2meg    290k 
    5. Ordinance Amending Water and Sewer Rate Structure
    Audio Recordings for Item 6.5
      1.1meg    270k 
  7. Council Comments
    Recognition of the Mayor and Council Members for Years of Service
  8. Adjournment
    Audio Recordings for Items 7-8
      65.4meg    14.7meg 

Reception Following the City Council Meeting


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