Downtown Square and Pavilion

The City Pavilion is a open air historic shelter located in the Town Square ane is available to rent for your special activities. Also available at the Pavilion area is Town Square East and West. Downtown offers the Friendship Plaza area which is also available for rental. Please contact Laura Chamness at the Carbondale City/Hall Civic Center at (618) 457-3209 for more information.

Public Property Rental Agreement

Town Square Vendor Permit


Pavilion Gallery

Quick Facts

  • In 1852, Carbondale founder, Daniel H. Brush deeded a 9.6 acre open area in the center of town directly to the Illinois Central Railroad. Since the square was bisected by the railroad in one direction and Main Street in the other, it actually consists of four smaller squares.
  • The next 130 years saw the rise of the town square and the eventual loss of the squares prominence and architectual character. With increase public awareness, the square began a tranformation through public and private initiatives.
  • The City of Carbondale bought all four quadrants of the Town Square from the railroad in 1990 and the exterior of the old passenger depot was restored and components of Brush's original 1854 freight building were used to reconstruct the Town Square Pavilion.
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