Chautauqua McLafferty Roundabout

Roundabout Picture 2

Description: Chautauqua Street and McLafferty Road are primary access roads to Southern Illinois University (SIU) for commuters arriving from the south and west. During peak hours, traffic becomes congested. This congestion results in frequent rear-end collisions for northbound and westbound traffic. This roundabout will make the intersection safer and allow traffic to flow without blockage.

 Start Date:
October/November 2020

 Est. Completion Date:

The roundabout will be at the intersection of Chautauqua Street and McLafferty Road on the southwest side of Carbondale.

 Project Cost:

 Funding Source: 
90% HSIP Grant, 10% City

Samron Midwest Contracting, Murphysboro, IL

 Project Impact: 

Construction Updates: 

09/18/2020 - The City of Carbondale has been notified the tentative start date for this project is October 19, 2020.