14 Candidates File For Carbondale City Council Member


City of Carbondale, Illinois
Office of the City Clerk

November 27, 2012


The filing period for Carbondale City Council Member petitions ended Monday, November 26, 2012, at 5:00 p.m.  Listed below are the Candidates who filed for City Council Member. An “L” before the Candidate’s name indicates that their placement on the ballot will be determined in the Lottery for Ballot Placement. The remaining Candidates will appear on the ballot in the order their petitions for candidacy were received.

  L - Lee M. Fronabarger, 1140 Morningside Drive

  L - Carolin Harvey, 109 South Tower Road

  L - Brent Ritzel, 810 North Springer Street

  L - Blaine Tisdale, 1101 East Grand Avenue, Apartment E-4

  5 - Jessica C. Bradshaw, 512 North Carico Street, Apartment A (November 19, 11:16 a.m.)

  6 - Lorena Masterson, 402 South Orchard Drive (November 19, 11:49 a.m.)

  7 - Navreet S. Kang, 613 South Terrace Drive (November 19, 12:52 p.m.)  

  8 - William Graham, 403 West Elm #3 (November 26, 12:02 p.m.)

  9 - Jerrold Hennrich, 610 West Sycamore (November 26, 1:35 p.m.)

10 - Carl R. Flowers, 1 Pine Lake Drive (November 26, 1:36 p.m.)

11 - Luke L. Adams Jr., 809 West Walnut Apt. 4 (November 26, 3:34 p.m.) 

12 - Karim H. Abdullah, 915 East Cindy Street (November 26, 4:07 p.m.)

13 - Tony D. Holsey, 1010 N. Almond Street (November 26, 4:14 p.m.)

14 - Pepper Holder, 410 East James & Thelma Walker Avenue (November 26, 4:20 p.m.)

Since there were thirteen (13) or more candidates who filed for City Council Member, a primary election will be held on February 26, 2013, to narrow the field to six (6) candidates, as outlined in Carbondale Revised Code Section 1-2-3. The ballot placement for the candidates advancing to the General Election will be determined by the number of votes received in the primary.

The Lottery for Ballot Placement will be held in the City Clerk’s Office at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4th. All Candidates and the public are invited to attend.

Questions regarding the City Council election may be addressed to the Interim City Clerk’s Office or by e-mail at jsorrell@ci.carbondale.il.us

Jennifer R. Sorrell
Interim City Clerk
City of Carbondale
200 South Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Fax: (618)457-3283


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